‘Scorpionkiss’ is the portfolio of Roy M. Gunnels.  Roy attended Texas Christian University, is a professional member of the National Press Photographers Association, and has lived and worked recently in the Middle East, East Africa and Western Europe.  His work encompasses documentary, conflict and humanistic, visual journalism, and fine art photography.

Roy’s photography was profiled and his work from the streets of Cairo featured in The Guardian, he was profiled and interviewed for The Next Web, and a photo essay of his images from the Egyptian Revolution has been featured in the Atlantic Council’s ‘EgyptSource’, as well as other publications.

The gallery from Egypt, “City of Dust: A Pastiche Of The Street”  ( Ville de Poussière: Un Pastiche de la Rue ) , is a 2-year photographic odyssey created on the historic Al-Muizz Street in Cairo.  You may see features about it on the documentary and travel photography websites, Our Many Stories and The Travel Photographer.

“Warflower: Cairo In Revolution”, was primarily composed in the famous Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, and the gallery, “Northern Ethiopia: Hearts of Gondor”,  is from an NGO documentary.

A major new series presentation, “Texas Gothic”,  has been planned for 2014, a series of stylized portraits, vignettes and tableau , composed throughout the state, in a rich noir style, that will reflect a gothic romanticism with an existential yet vibrant clarity.  The gallery, “Outlaw In Texas”, is the first chapter, and an image has been chosen as the book cover for Max L. Billington’s latest novel.
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